7 Days of In Depth Learning!

Over the course of 7 Days you will receive guided content to help you naturally integrate healing through the spirit realm into your day to day sessions! 

Learn how to bring forward a guide for your client, do Parts Work, Forgiveness Work and Healing!

You will have lifetime access PLUS access to any new content added over the course of time.

But, what is time, really... in the spirit realm? ;)

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to HypnoSoul!

    • Diving Right In - Bringing Spirit Work into your Practice

    • Audio #1 Forgiveness + Parts Work

    • Audio #2 Meeting A Spirit Guide

  2. 2
    • A guided method to connect to your own soul

  3. 3
    • Starting out...

    • Moving the client into the spirit realm

    • Calling in A Guide Overview

    • Audio Induction

    • Questions for the Guide

    • The Library :Transition To Spirit Realm

  4. 4
    • The Healing Place

    • Seeing Themselves as Spirit

    • Parts Work in the Spirit Realm #1

    • Parts Work in the Spirit Realm #2

    • Healing Place Audio

    • Parts Work Audio

    • Seeing Themselves As Spirit Audio

  5. 5
    • Client Healing Process

    • Seeing Others as Spirit - Future Pacing

    • Forgiveness Within the Spirit Realm #1

    • Forgiveness Within the Spirit Realm #2

    • Healing the Body Audio

    • Deep Forgiveness

    • Seeing Others as Spirit + Healing Audio

  6. 6
    • Seeing is believing, taking your client to different areas of the spirit realm!

  7. 7
    • Putting everything together and branching out!

Just some of what your will learn!

This is a cross section of what you will learn while taking this course!

  • Introducing the Higher Self to your clients (pre talk)

  • Sets of transitions that will bring your client to their divine self.

  • The importance of Intention for the session

  • Guiding your client through the realms

  • The importance of the Divine Light

  • Learning lessons while in the light.

  • Knowing how to intuitively integrate this method within your own practice.


Hilary Leehane

Hilary is a Clinical Hypnotist who specializes in taking clients through Life Between Lives, Past Life Regression, QHHT® & NDE Recovery! ​ HYPNO/SOUL® is based on what she has learned from taking clients through the process of connecting to their divine selves.  ​ After this course, you will be able to add the elements learned about connecting your clients to source to your regular practice!